Scheveningen, The Hague

Scheveningen is a beach town that is apart of The Hague and features a huge beach that is located on The North Sea. Out in the distance you can see an oil platform, which is an established industry in this region. There is also a casino along the shoreline as well as a large pier, which features restaurants, a ferris wheel, and a bungee jumping platform. There are many bars, lounges and vendors located right on the beach creating a very resort-town feel. This was just a stop after a walking tour of The Hague Which included the Dutch RoyalΒ Palace, as well as the Dutch Parliament building called ‘The Binnenhof’ which is the worlds oldest parliament still in use. We also stopped at a shopping mall then took the transit to the beach.

The day that we visited, theΒ Scheveningen Kite Festival was happening. This explains why there was large orca kites as well as hundreds of other types of kites which took advantage of the extremely windy conditions. Many people came from all over the world to see and participate, including some people from India. This was one of our favourite stops on the whole trip, the only thing I wished was that I brought swim shorts.


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