City of Rotterdam

Its hard to have just one post about Rotterdam since its such a beautiful and cosmopolitan city. The first thing anyone who visits Rotterdam will instantly notice is the striking architecture and modern civic monuments and structures. From the beautiful Erasmusbrug which is the gateway to the Port of Rotterdam, to the aesthetically pleasing Centraal Station, you aren’t imagining things, this city is definitely different. We were told about the dismal history behind the city due to its strategic position as a port city during the Second World War. Held by the axis powers the allies bombed and levelled the city leaving behind nearly nothing in order to cut the supplies to Germany, and capture the city itself.

Pictured at the top of the page is the Rotterdam Markthal which interesting uses the space for both retail and living. The Euromast Tower also is an defining landmark of the city which along with Erasmusbrug, instantly informs people that this is the Rotterdam skyline. A nice break from the chaos of Amsterdam, Rotterdam looked and felt more like a North American city, with its straight and wide roadways and tall skyscrapers. Overall it was my favourite city, and I felt like here is where I got the most authentic Dutch experience.


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