Goedemorgen, Welcome to Amsterdam


Hello and welcome to my blog! The trip began with us being extremely exhausted (see below picture), but we’ve gone quite a while without sleep, i’m allowed to complain. We’re ecstatic to be in Amsterdam, and what a better way to begin our trip than with a canal cruise from a local. From the seven bridges, to the thinnest house in the city most nice things in Amsterdam are best seen from a canal cruise with good friends. Along the canal the most interesting things that can be seen are houseboats, where people actually live! (cool). This gave us a quick overview of what to expect over the next 10 days, as well as an easy breezy day to relax after being treated like cattle all day. By this time we’d already planned out what major things we were excited to see like: the Van Gogh Museum, The Heineken Brewery, and some bikes.

The views were endless with every alley and street looking just as beautiful as the next. The water in the canal is important to the residents and as such they strive to keep them as clean as possible. This is done by fishing out garbage which includes a lot of bikes that meet their unfortunate end at the depths of the River Amstel. The residents also take a dip every year just to celebrate the cleanliness of the canals. The photos above are just some of beautiful views that you see along the canals.


Finally, what you’ll notice about this blog is that the posts are not ordered chronologically. Instead they are separated by events or what I decided to focus my photography on.



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