Heineken Experience

So, other than windmills and clogs the most recognizable symbol of The Netherlands in particular Amsterdam is Heineken Beer. A side trip with me and my friends, we made our way to the brewery on our first day which required a trek to the other side of the city from our hostel ClinkNOORD. How could you visit Amsterdam and not visit Heineken?Β The experience was great, its starts off being more of a history lesson, showing you the grain silos as well as the story behind how the great brewer came to be one of the world’s largest. The experience is housed in the old Heineken brewery, no commercial brewing is done here anymore, instead it takes place just across the canal.

From the history lesson, you are immersed in what the brewery would have looked like, large golden coloured drums would spin the yeast mixture causing the fermentation process. Even a little taste of what the mixture tastes like (its actually kind of gross), kind of like liquid bread if you could imagine. From here we are introduced to the horses which are large Clydesdales which were traditionally used to transport the kegs around Amsterdam to local pubs and bars. In modern times the trucks do that work, however the horses are still trotted through Amsterdam pulling a Heineken cart, primarily for advertising purposes.

As you can tell we got to sample the beer multiple times, once was to teach us how to properly drink a Heineken and how to cheers in Dutch, “proost!”. Then we made our way to the rooftop patio which provided us with spectacular view of Amsterdam, as well as two more beers to enjoy. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I suggest anyone who is a lover of beer to head over to the Heineken experience, even if you don’t like beer its still worth the visit.


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