IJburg is a newly created neighbourhood in Amsterdam where the houses are built upon former seabed in Lake IJ which in itself if an artificial lake dammed in from the sea. We were taken on a fantastic tour by Johann who is a resident of the neighbourhood himself. Some of the houses in this neighbourhood float on the water creating a beautiful landscape of glass modular houses. Its amazing to see that even in this landscape biking is still an important part of the built environment. The row houses on the artificial islands are also aesthetically pleasing, and extremely livable, all of them feature unique facades and different structures. Another interesting feature that isn’t in the pictures is the built-in EV charging ports Β that involve a payment system, which promotes the use of electric vehicles for the few people who have cars.

The major biking paths cross through this area and go along the dikes and connect to Amsterdam city centre as well as other cities, essentially serving as a bike highway reducing the need for a car. The tram also goes from Downtown Amsterdam to IJburg creating an accessible transit corridor. Overall the quality of living in this neighbourhood is extremely high, with mixed land uses so people can walk for groceries, schools and other amenities. It also contrasts with the extremely high density of Amsterdam Centrum and the other core boroughs and allows for people to have larger living spaces in close proximity to the central business district.


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