Van Gogh//Iamsterdam

We took a trip to the famous Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam which displays some of his most famous works. We were not allowed to take photos in the museum however I managed to get one of Heather (below). Starry night unfortunately is not housed here, however the painting of his room, as well as his multiple self portraits. Van Gogh was inspired by the Dutch landscape in particular the lower classes of society and the work they did, in particular the series titled, ‘The Potato Eaters’ followed peasant life closely from hanging up laundry to eating at the dinner table it was one of his greatest fascinations. The most interesting things they had in the museum was an exhibition titled , “Descent into Madness” where his works including letters and writings were exhibited and showed his journey from sanity into insanity until the point where he unfortunately cut off his ear then to when he committed suicide. The gallery also featured artwork painted by Van Gogh’s closest friends.

Just outside the museum in an area called Museumplein in Amsterdam-Zuid borough, is a large park which features trees a beautiful sitting area and most importantly the Iamsterdam sign which is reminiscent of the Toronto sign, and is an iconic landmark in the city. The public square was filled with buskers and people as well as various statues and landmark. From here we took the tram back to centraal station to meet back with the group to go on our next excursion.


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